How To Provide An Event Booth

From CASSOC Sandbox
  1. Go on the internet to Highland game site that you wish to attend.
  2. Fill out required information, i.e.: introduction letter, registration.
  3. Make payment or request Clan Treasurer to pay the fee for the tent space (if clan allows or pay yourself). You will need to send the Application to the treasurer. Tent space can be 10'x10' or 8’x8’.
  4. Games may send you gate tickets by e-mail or by regular mail and a parking pass. You may have to pick them up from the Registration Tent at the Games.
  1. If a tent is rented from the games, they will set it up. If you have a tent, you can set it up the night before the games or the morning of the games. (Check with the game site.)
  2. You may be able to rent tables and chairs from the games. (Need to be reserved or requested when registering) Some Games provide these with the tent.
  3. You can bring your own tables and chairs. We like having tables to the back and/or the sides of the tent creating a feeling of openness for the visitors.
  4. You will need table cloths, wide and long enough to hide your storage boxes. It is nice to pick up some Celtic patterned ones from game vendors. Or you can use any solid colored table cloth with a tartan material runner.
  5. You will need to get a tent Banner or sign from your Clan or purchase or make one yourself.
  6. Flags to fly at your tent. i.e.: US, Canadian, Scottish, Saltire, State, Province, the Nations represented by your Clan. Flags can be attached to the tent legs or in a flag stand.
  7. Banner to carry for a parade of Clans.
  8. Optional Mannequin(s) with Scottish attire (if desired or selling Clan T-shirts for display purposes).
  9. Find out what other clans are present so you can direct someone to their own clan tent.
  1. A stand-up sign on your table with your group name.
  2. Books about Scotland, and about your Clan, any books that list what tartan belongs to what name and books that show what the tartan(s) look like - "Tartan for Me" -is a good reference book to have, Kith & Kin, Black’s Surnames of Scotland, etc. “Tartans” is a three-volume set of Clan and Regional and District tartan illustrations. Anyone who visits wants to know what their tartan is and what it looks like
  3. Scottish maps, Clans of Scotland poster, Clan Sept poster
  4. Scottish and Clan paraphernalia: Coo's, Clan Newsletters, clothing, tartan samples, maps, photos, Clan crest plaque, etc., anything unique to your Clan.
  5. Pictures of: Scotland, famous Clan Members or the Chief and family, ancestral sites.
  6. Host needs to print or create forms for the Clan: Sign-in Visitor Sheets,
  7. Clan brochures with contact information (in a holder is good),
  8. Business cards with contact info (in front of the brochures in the holder is good) Clan membership applications,
  9. Genealogy applications (if applicable, and Genealogy is what draws members), Clan DNA Project hand-outs (if applicable),
  10. CASSOC Binder to help support each other.
  11. Pens; blank paper in/on a clip board; Clan stamp (can get from your Clan or have made up at Staples or Business Depot), ink pad for the stamp unless self-inking; tape: cello, masking, and duct; scissors or box cutter (or a sharp skean dubh);
  12. Tarps or clear plastic painting drop sheets to cover tables in case of rain or at night.
  13. Name badge for hosts. (from Clan or make your own - should be worn)
  14. After the game send Clan the membership forms, money, and visitor sign-in sheets to the relevant recipient. Someone in your Clan should reach out to everyone who visited to welcome them (via email) and to answer any questions.
  1. Bottles of water for yourself or to hand out to visitors.
  2. Candy (mints, Scottish Toffee, jelly beans or ‘gummy bears’ in your clan tartan colours), Whiskey/Heather Cream (if allowed), small tasting cups.
  3. Bungee cords, clamps (from hardware store), table cloth holders/clamps from camping or hardware store
  4. Extra chairs, maybe an extra table